What does “kinda full” feel like?

The only full I ever really knew was “so full I’m gonna die” full. But intuitive eating lets you experience another kind of full: kinda full.

“Kinda full” is magic. This simple little feeling was one of the most empowering things I’d ever felt. For so many years before, I could never stop my eating, even when I wanted to. It took the physical limits of my body and extreme discomfort to stop a binge. There was no other way the eating would stop.

Yet, a few months into my six-month reset I experienced the “kinda full” feeling for the first time ever, and I know you can too.

So what does it feel like? It feels like: meh.binge eating cure

Just meh! The most neutral, no-drama non-feeling in the world. It just is what it is! It’s meh!

Even your most favorite food turns meh once you’ve had enough. Even a delicious cupcake turns meh once you’ve had enough. Even BREAD turns meh once you’ve had enough. There’s a meh for everything! Which means no food needs to be off limits!

Structuring your life around food rules robs your body of the chance to rediscover its “kinda full” feeling. There’s a mental component at play — it creates scarcity in your life that makes your brain go “YES. NOW. MUST. GAH.” around all foods. And there’s a physical component too — chronic dieting sends your hunger hormones out of whack, which makes your body go “YES. NOW. MUST. GAH.” around all foods.

That’s why you feel so powerless to stop binge eating. You have two separate forces compelling you to do the exact same thing.

Luckily, there’s one solution to both problems: a six-month reset. Give yourself the gift of guilt-free eating, let your body have the opportunity to rediscover the many shades of fullness, and live your life freely, knowing that “kinda full” is always there to guide you.

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