What is 6M2S?

Six Months to Sanity is a guide to help you stop binge eating and dieting forever and ever. If you have struggled to “control” yourself around food, you must, must, MUST forgive yourself and give this method a try.

Binge eating is not a failing of will power. It’s your brain chemistry’s survival response to calorie restriction. Basically, your brain thinks you are quite literally starving. But it only takes a few months of high-quality nomz to convince it otherwise.binge eating cure

Like any good diet (jk, all diets are terrible), 6M2S comes in two phases. Read more in the links below:

PHASE 1: Just eat it

Stop counting, relinquish control, and win back your sanity. It’s a plan that requires no planning: just eat whatever you want whenever you want it.

PHASE 2: Feel the hunger! Feel the fullness!

Every attempt you’ve ever made at balance, moderation, clean eating, and healthy living thus far has ended with a discouraging, disastrous binge. Right? I get it. I’ve been on that depressing hamster wheel.

Here’s why this time will be different: After too many episodes of calorie and nutrient restriction, your brain became fixated on food and stuck in starvation mode, but a six-month reset will clear the slate. You will find yourself able to recognize the sensations of actual hunger and actual fullness in ways you might have never felt before. Without all the craziness clouding your thoughts, you can reclaim your sanity and erase the food-centric fear and guilt, once and for all.