The difference between binge eating and “normal” eating is permission

Seriously. That’s it. So if you’re looking for strategies to stop binge eating, the solution is so free and easy that it probably seems too good to be true. But it isn’t. Hear me to stop binge eating

The only thing that separates a binge from a non-binge is permission: Permission to eat what you want, when you want, without guilt, until you’re done eating. Permission to not be on a diet. It might be hard to imagine such a fantasy world, but this is what life would be like without diet culture. And it’s the world awaiting you when you ditch dieting forever.

Think about it: What’s the difference between the times in your life when you enjoyed a slice of pizza, and those times in your life when you ate a slice of pizza and were SO MAD AT YOURSELF that you just ate the rest of the pizza to punish yourself? Permission.

That’s all. You have the power to stop binge eating forever and ever if you just grant yourself permission to eat.

It might seem like an insignificant change, but the difference in your head might sound something like this:

Life before permission: I am a disgusting person and all I think about is eating pizza so I might as well get a whole pizza and I’ll probably end up eating it all because that’s what I always do because I am disgusting and therefore I am never allowed to have pizza ever again after this one. ::repeat ad nauseam until the earth crashes into the sun::

Life with permission: Oh man pizza sounds so good right now. I’ll get my favorite kind and eat until I’m done eating. ::the end::

By the by… how exactly will you know when you’re done eating? Your body will tell you, so don’t even worry about that. Your stomach might start to feel full, or your tastebuds will start registering diminishing returns of deliciousness, or you’ll just kind of…lose interest. Just listen to your body, because internal, physical cues are the only ones that matter. Ignore everything else. Unless your house is on fire.

Once you master the art of permission, everything else can start falling into place. Your hunger hormones can recalibrate. You can start forgiving yourself for eating. Your entire approach to food can unclench. You won’t even believe the difference it’ll make in your life, and you have all the tools you need to start right this very second.

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  1. Yes! I find also that giving permission to yourself comes hand in hand with letting go of control…


    1. So, so true! They are two sides of the same life-changing coin!


  2. paoakley says:

    Reblogged this on Food Is… and commented:
    I couldn’t have said this better myself. Fantastic post about what separates binge eating and normal eating.


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