Have a perfect, and present, day

If you’re celebrating Christmas today, I wish you a beautiful, delicious day — guilt-free.stop binge eating

Join the conversation at the table, not the one in your head.

Listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues, not the diet culture foolishness that other people might choose to disseminate.

Tune into your own tastebuds — eat what you like! Tune out anyone who has something dumb to say about it. It says more about them then it does about you.

You’re allowed to feel joy without apology. You’re allowed to feel fullness without guilt. You’re allowed to like food. Know that the mere act of eating is not a moral shortcoming.

You can live today differently than you lived yesterday, or Christmases past. You always have a choice.

And if today is the first day you let yourself eat guilt-free in a culture that profits from food insanity: welcome to the dark side! We’re so glad to have you.

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  1. Kathy says:

    How could any of this be better stated? It colndu’t.


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