Flexible dieting is dieting

I see athletes and bodybuilders and impossibly fit-looking people on the interwebs extolling the virtues of macros, and it alllllmost sounds kind of science-y, so I just want to put this out there: if you are counting macros, you are on a diet.

It’s right there in the name. Macronutrients are the hallmark of an approach called flexible dieting. It’s marketed as a diet that fits your lifestyle, and if that sounds familiar it’s because Weight Watchers has been beating this drum since the 1980s.

Seems legit.

I do not think that it is particularly better or worse than other diets, because frankly I think all diets are bad. But if you have ever struggled with binge eating, bulimia, or any degree of food restriction, I want to be really clear: flexible dieting is a fallacy.

Some people seem to be able to casually diet now and again and also feel sane, and that makes diets like this seem really approachable and normal. Other people, like me, are prone to disordered eating, and counting OF ANY KIND is a slippery slope to hyper-restriction, messed-up hunger hormones, and out-of-control binges. Cue the endless cycle of shame and self-loathing.

As always, this is your life, and you get to do what you want with it. No one should ever tell you how to eat, and that includes me. If you are counting macros and you are happy, I am happy for you. You do you.

If you are counting macros and you are unhappy and overwhelmed and you have cried about your macros and you’ve had secret binges that you hide from your macros coach, I am sad for you because that struggle is so real. You still get to do you.

But if you are counting macros and you got to this website by searching “why can’t I stop bingeing,” I can definitely answer that for you: it is because macros is a diet. You are bingeing because you are dieting. You can stop bingeing when you stop dieting. It really is that simple, and you can make it happen in six months, tops. Read here to learn more, or give me a shout if you need support.

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