Last-minute Halloween ideas

Oh dear. Halloween really snuck up on me this year. No costume, no ideas, no time to run out and grab something…no worries! Here are a few last-minute character ideas that will certainly scare the living daylights out of everyone I encounter. I hope they get you inspired too. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Y’ALL. binge-eating-cure

  1. Candy eater. Enjoys Halloween candy and doesn’t even apologize for it???? CHILLING
  2. Scale smasher. Destroyed her bathroom scale with a sledgehammer and lives life without seeking approval from an inanimate object. Highly unsettling.
  3. Instinct truster. Believes in the body’s innate ability to know when it’s tired, cold, hungry, full…how freaky is that.
  4. Magical thinker. Wakes up one day and said “I wish to never be on a diet again” and poof, she got her wish. Fanciful!
  5. Status quo questioner. “Wait but if you always have to be on a diet, maybe diets aren’t so effective after all?” Bone-chilling.
  6. Feelings feeler. Joy, sadness, hunger, fullness…you name it, she’s feeling it fully. Scary stuff.
  7. Eyeroll monster. “So what you’re saying is if I just purchase these overpriced color-coded food containers my body will magically morph into someone else’s? Suuuuure.” Unnerving!
  8. Quiet confidence lady. Loves herself fiercely and fearlessly. OH THE HORROR!!!

P.S. You can totally survive Halloween candy. Don’t be scared!

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