You do not have to be on a diet to earn your place on this planet

You do not have to feel guilty about every diet trend you don’t try, or every food you do or don’t eat. That’s diet culture nonsense, and you don’t have to buy into it anymore.

As a young girl obsessed with all the things that were wrong with my body, I internalized every single message that the diet culture was sending about my true role and responsibilities on this planet:

stop binge eating
Remember, friends, it’s not enough to be slim and sexy. You must also be calm. 
  • Provided you are consistently committed to shedding weight or hating yourself for failing to, you can stay.
  • Provided you are always beating yourself for not having defined abs, arms, and legs, even though you are not an Olympic athlete or a model or remotely predisposed to that body type, you can stay.
  • Provided you spend your leisure time not relaxing, exploring, or dreaming, but researching new and different ways to punish yourself for having the body you have, you can stay.
  • Provided you announce your guilt/regret/weakness/self-loathing every time you eat a morsel of food that tastes good, you can stay.
  • Provided you are always on some weight loss or fitness “journey” for which you must always stay “on track” and “accountable,” you can stay.
  • Provided you view your body as terminally unsatisfactory, you can stay.

I reject it. I reject ALL of it. And if you struggle with this, too, I hope you will find a way to see it for what it is: destructive, brainwashing, illogical foolishness.

These messages affect women and men of every age, race, size, and socioeconomic background, but the bullshit stops right here. I choose my words to myself and to others carefully so I don’t propagate these messages. I live my life on my terms. I refuse to be a vessel of diet culture.

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