Here’s what I think

I think it only takes one diet to send a primal alert to your brain that your food sources are not dependable. As far as your brain is concerned, you are starving. Indefinitely.

I think it’s nuts that a single diet could send one person into a spiral of disordered eating while another person could be just fine. But it happened to me, and maybe it happened to you too.

I think that our society feeds us messed-up messages about food and diets.

I think that food and dieting industries normalize disordered thoughts and behaviors to make you buy their products.

I think your intellect is being wasted counting calories and points and color-coded containers.

I think that life is so much richer when food is not an enemy.

I think it only takes six months to reprogram your brain chemistry, stop the cycle of restriction, and regain your sanity.

I think you deserve better.

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