Why can’t you stop a binge? What takes over your brain and drives you into a state of compulsive overeating? What makes you eat until your jaw aches and your eyes water and all you want to do is disappear?


It’s not a failing of willpower or a sign of weakness or a flaw in your character.

It’s just hunger.

Hunger is a primal urge. It’s not bad or good. You can’t outsmart it or run from it. You just need to eat. And you need to eat as much as your body wants — not how much you want your body to want.

Binge eating is caused by dieting. When your body tells you it’s hungry but you don’t give it food, it assumes that your food sources are insecure — that you are lost in the wilderness somewhere, starving to death. That throws your body’s hunger hormones into overdrive. Your body floods your brain with messages about hunger, and suppresses messages of fullness. That’s why you always feel hungry. That’s why you never feel full. That’s why you can’t stop thinking about food.

Six Months to Sanity is a strategy to help you hit the reset button and undo the damage that dieting has done. In six months, you can show your body and brain that you aren’t starving, learn to listen to your natural hunger and fullness cues, and win your sanity back. It’s not just that you won’t binge ever again. You won’t even crave a binge ever again.

This blog is about parsing the bullshit of the diet industry, and pushing past it. It’s about accepting the body you were born with, and learning to love it.

Most importantly, it’s about understanding the physiological implications that a lifetime of calorie restriction has had on your brain and body, and forgiving yourself for what was never your fault in the first place. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.